make1 W1S1 [meık] v past tense and past participle made [meıd]
6¦(mark/hole etc)¦
7 make it
8 make the meeting/the party/Tuesday etc
9¦(achieve something)¦
10¦(get money)¦
11¦(have a quality)¦
12 make it/that something
13 make do
14 make yourself heard/understood/known etc
15¦(be a total)¦
17¦(sports score)¦
18 make somebody captain/leader etc
19 make believe
20 make like
21 make as if to do something
23 make the papers/headlines/front page etc
24 make or break
25 that makes two of us
26¦(make something perfect)¦
27 make it with somebody
Phrasal verbs
 make away with somebody/something
 make for something
 make somebody/something into something
 make something of somebody/something
 make off
 make off with something
 make out
 make something out of somebody/something
 make something/somebody<=>over
 make towards something
 make up
 make up for something
 make up to somebody
[: Old English; Origin: macian]
1.) ¦(PRODUCE)¦ [T]
to produce something, for example by putting the different parts of it together
I'm going to show you how to make a box for your tools.
A family of mice had made their nest in the roof.
She made her own wedding dress.
The company has been making quality furniture for over 200 years.
They met while they were making a film for Australian TV.
Make a list of all the things you need.
make sb sth
He made her a toy horse, using just some straw and bamboo twigs.
be made from sth
Paper is made from wood.
be made (out) of sth
a shirt made of silk
make sth from/out of sth
She's very good at making things from old scraps of material.
Japanese-made/English-made etc
(=produced in Japan etc)
2.) ¦(DO)¦ [T]
used with some nouns to say that someone does something
Anyone can make a mistake.
I can't make a decision just yet.
I need to make a quick phone call.
You could have made more effort to talk to him.
He made no attempt to apologize.
Could I make a suggestion?
There are a few points I'd like to make.
The police were called but no arrests were made.
I suppose we should make a start on cleaning this room.
Stop making such a fuss!
3.) ¦(COOK)¦ [T]
to cook or prepare food or drink
When was the last time you made a cake?
John was making breakfast in the kitchen.
Who's going to make the tea?
make sb sth
I'll make you some sandwiches.
4.) ¦(CAUSE)¦ [T]
to cause something to happen, or cause a particular state or condition
Its beautiful beaches make this a highly popular area with tourists.
It was this movie which made him a star.
His attitude made him very unpopular with colleagues.
The photo makes her look much older than she really is.
make sb/sth do sth
I like him because he makes me laugh.
make sth difficult/easy/possible etc
The use of computers has made it possible for more people to work from home.
make sth the best/worst/most expensive etc
Over 80,000 people attended, making it the biggest sporting event in the area.
The President has made it clear that he is not going to change his mind.
5.) ¦(FORCE)¦ [T]
to force someone to do something
make sb do sth
My parents always make me do my homework before I go out.
be made to do sth
I was made to wait four hours before I was examined by a doctor.
6.) ¦(MARK/HOLE ETC)¦ [T]
to cause a mark, hole etc to appear
make a hole/dent/mark etc
Make a hole in the paper.
The cup has made a mark on the table.
7.) make it
a) to succeed in getting somewhere in time for something or when this is difficult
If we run, we should make it.
make it to
With blood pouring from his leg, he made it to a nearby house.
b) to be successful at something, for example in your job
He came to the US and not only made it but made it big (=was extremely successful) .
So far, relatively few women have made it to the top in the business world.
make it as
He was told he had no talent and would never make it as a professional singer.
make it to
England look less likely to make it to the finals.
make it to manager/director etc
How did anyone so stupid make it to manager?
c) spoken to be able to go to an event, meeting etc that has been arranged
I'm really sorry, but I won't be able to make it on Sunday after all.
Nice to see you. I'm glad you could make it.
d) informal to continue to live after you have been seriously ill or badly injured
Frank was very ill, and the doctors didn't think he'd make it.
e) to manage to deal with a difficult experience
make it through
I couldn't have made it through those times without the support of my boyfriend.
f) used to say or ask what time it is according to your own or someone else's watch
What time do you make it?
I make it ten past three.
8.) make the meeting/the party/Tuesday etc
spoken to be able to go to something that has been arranged for a particular date or time
I'm sorry, I can't make Friday after all.
Will you be able to make the next meeting?
to succeed in achieving a particular position, rate etc
He was never good enough to make the team.
I don't think we'll make the deadline.
10.)¦(GET MONEY)¦ [T]
to earn or get money
The plan could cost you more than you would make.
The business made a profit of £140 million last year.
His one aim in life was to make money .
She hopes to make a living (=earn the money she needs to live) from writing children's books.
He's made a fortune (=earned a lot of money) selling computers on the Internet.
make sth out of sth
How easy is it to make money out of gardening?
11.) ¦(HAVE A QUALITY)¦ [linking verb]
to have the qualities that are necessary for a particular job, use, or purpose
+ noun
I'm sure you will make a very good teacher.
The hall would make an ideal venue for a wedding reception.
An old cardboard box makes a comfortable bed for a kitten.
12.) make it/that sth
spoken used to correct what you have just said
Can we have two cups of coffee, please? No, make that three.
13.) make do
to manage with the things that you have, even though this is not really enough
I hardly had any food in the house so I just had to make do.
make do with/without
I usually make do with a cup of coffee for breakfast.
For many people, make do and mend (=when someone manages with the things they have and does not buy anything new) was a harsh reality.
14.) make yourself heard/understood/known etc
to succeed in getting someone to hear you, understand you, or know that you are there
I had to shout to make myself heard above the music.
15.) ¦(BE A TOTAL)¦ [linking verb]
to be a particular amount when added together
Two and two make four.
There are nine people coming, plus me, which makes ten.
16.) ¦(CALCULATE)¦ [T]
used to say what you have calculated a number to be
I make that $150 altogether.
17.) ¦(SPORTS SCORE)¦ [T]
to achieve a particular score in a sports game
Surrey had made 92 by lunchtime.
18.) make sb captain/leader etc
to give someone a new job or position in a group, organization etc
She's now been made a full partner.
He was made mayor in 1998.
19.) make believe
to pretend or imagine that something is true when it is not
I tried to make believe she was happy, but knew deep down it wasn't true.
20.) make like informal
to behave as if something is true when it is not
He makes like he never met me before.
21.) make as if to do sth
literary to seem as if you are going to do something but then not do it
She made as if to speak but then stopped.
22.) ¦(ARRIVE)¦ [T]
old-fashioned to arrive at or get to a particular place, especially when it is difficult
I don't think we're going to make the town before nightfall.
23.) make the papers/headlines/front page etc
to be interesting or important enough to be printed in a newspaper, reported on television etc
News of their divorce made the headlines.
24.) make or break
to cause something or someone either to be very successful or to fail completely
Critics can make or break a young performer.
25.) that makes two of us
spoken used to say that you agree with someone or that something that is true of them is true of you too
'I haven't a clue what's going on.' 'That makes two of us.'
26.) ¦(MAKE SOMETHING PERFECT)¦ [T] informal
to make something complete or successful
The hat makes the outfit.
27.) make it with sb
old-fashioned informal to have sex with someone
make sb's day atday
make friends atfriend
make good atgood1 (35)
make sense atsense1 (5)
make away with / [make away with sb/sth] phr v
1.) informal to steal something and take it away with you
Thieves made away with the contents of the safe.
2.) old-fashioned to kill someone
make for [make for sth] phr v
1.) to go in the direction of a particular place
= head for
I think it's time we made for home.
2.) [not in progressive]
to cause a particular result or situation
Both teams are on good form, which should make for a great game.
made for each other atmade
make into [make sb/sth into sth] phr v
1.) to change something so that it has a different form or purpose
We can make your room into a study.
2.) to change someone's character, job, position in society etc
The movie made her into a star overnight.
make of / [make sth of sb/sth] phr v
1.) to have a particular opinion about or understanding of something or someone
I didn't know what to make of her.
What do you make of the idea?
2.) to use the opportunities that you have in order to become successful
I want to make something of my life.
make sth of yourself
She has the ambition and talent to make something of herself.
3.) make the most of sth
to get as much advantage as you can from a situation while you are able to
We've only got one day in Paris, so we'd better make the most of it.
4.) make too much of sth
to treat something as if it is more important than it really is
It would be a mistake to make too much of these findings.
make much of sb/sth atmuch2 (17)
5.) make a day/night/evening of it informal
to spend a whole day, night etc doing something, because you have chosen to
We decided to take a picnic and make a day of it.
make a go of sth atgo2 (3)
make the best of sth atbest3 (9)
see what sb is made of atmade
make off phr v
to leave quickly, especially in order to escape
The men made off as the police arrived.
make off along/across/through etc
The getaway car made off towards Horrocks Avenue.
make off with [make off with sth] phr v
to steal something and take it away with you
Thieves broke into the school and made off with computer equipment worth £40,000.
make out phr v
1.) ¦(SEE/HEAR)¦
make sth<=>out
to be just able to see or hear something
He could just make out a dark shape moving towards him.
make out who/what etc
I couldn't make out what he was saying.
make sth<=>out
to understand something, especially the reason why something has happened
make out what/how/why etc
I couldn't make out what I had done to annoy her.
As far as I can make out , he has never been married.
make sb<=>out [usually in questions and negatives]
to understand someone's character and the way they behave
Stuart's a strange guy - I can't make him out at all.
make sth<=>out
to write something such as a bill or cheque
She was making out a list of people to invite.
The book gives advice on making out a will.
make something<=>out to
Make the cheque out to 'Spencer Cross Ltd'.
make sb/sth<=>out
to say that something is true when it is not
The situation was never as bad as the media made out.
make out (that)
She always tried to make out that I was wrong and she was right.
make sb/sth out to be sth
He makes me out to be some sort of idiot.
6.) make out a case (for sth)
to find good reasons that prove something or show why you need something
I'm sure we can make out a case for hiring another assistant.
7.) ¦(SUCCEED)¦
especially AmE to succeed or progress in a particular way
How did you make out this morning?
8.) ¦(SEX)¦
informal especially AmE to kiss and touch someone in a sexual way
9.) make out like a bandit
AmE informal to get or win a lot of money
The lawyers made out like bandits.
make out of / [make sth out of sb/sth] phr v
to change a person or thing into something else
The Olympics can make sporting heroes out of previously little-known athletes.
make over [make sth/sb<=>over] phr v
1.) especially BrE to officially and legally give money or property to someone else
make something/somebody<=>over to
He made over the whole estate to his son.
2.) to change someone or something so that they look different or have a different use
Redgrave has made herself over completely for her movie role.
make towards [make towards sth] phr v
to start moving towards something
She made towards the door.
make up phr v
1.) ¦(FORM/BE)¦
make up sth [not in progressive]
to combine together to form something
Women make up only a small proportion of the prison population.
be made up of sth
The committee is made up of representatives from every state.
make sth<=>up
to pretend that something is true in order to deceive someone
I think they're making the whole thing up.
3.) ¦(INVENT)¦
make sth<=>up
to produce a new story, song, game etc by thinking
Nick made up a song about them.
When you're the boss you can make up your own rules.
I've given talks so many times that now I just make them up as I go along (=think of things to say as I am speaking) .
4.) ¦(PREPARE)¦
make sth<=>up
to prepare something by mixing things or putting things together
I could make up a bed for you on the sofa.
Can you make up a bottle of milk for the baby?
make sb<=>up
to put ↑make-up (=special coloured substances) on someone's face in order to make them look better or different
They made him up as an old man for the last act of the play.
One lucky winner will have the chance to be made up and photographed.
make sth<=>up
especially BrE to add to an amount in order to bring it up to the level that is needed
I saved as much as I could, and my parents made up the rest.
The company will be forced to pay $6 million to make up the difference .
7.) ¦(TIME/WORK)¦
make sth<=>up
to work at times when you do not usually work, because you have not done as much work as you should
I'm trying to make up the time I lost while I was sick.
Is it OK if I make the work up next week?
8.) ¦(FRIENDS)¦ also make it up
informal to become friendly with someone again after you have had an argument
make up with
Have you made up with Patty yet?
Oh come on! Why don't you just kiss and make up ?
9.) ¦(FROM CLOTH)¦
make sth<=>up
to produce something from cloth by cutting and sewing
The dress had been made up to her exact requirements.
make something<=>up into
I plan on making that material up into a dress.
make up your mind atmind1 (3)
make up for [make up for sth] phr v
1.) to make a bad situation better, or replace something that has been lost
The team will be anxious to make up for a disappointing start to the season.
I don't eat breakfast but I make up for it at lunch.
The good days more than make up for the bad ones.
see usage noteinclude
2.) to have so much of one quality that it is not important that you do not have much of another one
make up for something in/with
What Jay lacked in experience, he made up for in enthusiasm.
She doesn't have a natural talent but she makes up for it with hard work.
3.) to do something to show that you are sorry for doing something that upset or annoyed someone
I'm sorry I was late. To make up for it, let me treat you to a meal.
4.) make up for lost time
a) to work more quickly, or at times when you do not usually work, because something has prevented you from doing the work before
We rehearsed all day Saturday, to make up for lost time.
b) to do a lot of something in an eager way because you have not had a chance to do it before
Palin didn't travel much as a young man but he's certainly made up for lost time now.
make up to [make up to sb] phr v
1.) make (it) up to sb
to do something to show that you are sorry about the problems you have caused someone
I'll make it up to you somehow.
He was looking for a way to make up to her for what he had done.
2.) BrE informal to say nice things to someone or be very friendly to them in order to get an advantage for yourself - used in order to show disapproval
3.) be made up to captain/manager etc
to be given a higher position in an organization
He was a security guard before he was made up to reception manager.
HINT sense 6
Do not use the verb make up when you are talking about putting coloured substances on your own face. Say that you wear make-up or put on make-up.
WORD CHOICE:made from, made of, made by
When you are talking about the materials that are used to make something, you say that it is made of or made from those materials.
Use made from when the original materials have been completely changed and cannot be recognized : Paper is made from wood.
Use made of when the original materials have not been completely changed and you can still see them : a table made of wood
!! Do not use made by when you are talking about the materials something is made from : a small purse made of leather (NOT a small purse made by leather). Made by is used to talk about the person or company that made something : All the furniture in this room was made by my grandfather.
make 2
make2 n
the name of a particular product or of the company that makes it
What make is your car?
make of
It's one of the most popular makes of satellite phone on the market.
2.) be on the make informal
to be trying to get money or power - used in order to show disapproval
He was just a salesman on the make.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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